Ride : Pushing the boundaries


I think these shorts films, including Tondef are our way of expressing ourselves through our clients, I like chaos, there are too many people out there shooting the same thing and repackaging it, and for us it becomes frustrating being confined to an x y z formula, when the opportunity to try something new comes a long and you have a client willing to go on that road with you it puts smiles our our faces. We live in a world of sell sell sell and that’s fine when you working within the confines of corporate videos and the promotion sector, everything needs to clean and precise and the message has to be clear. But for us personally we feel the need to break free from those constraints and give the client something that were not expecting to be so ‘cutting edge’ or ‘exciting’.

We like chaos and this comes across in the impact of the visuals we create, crazy, with as much a visual treat as an attack on the hearing

These short pieces are creative and hopefully not only visually interesting but also have rich complex audio as well. These films were not pre planned with any storyboards or ideas before shooting they were literally pick up shoot and edit. I think they work as a collection (more to come) as they have their own unique style, and I think it’s important for film makers to experiment and try different styles of not only film making but also editing and post production.

This process seems to come naturally for us so I guess they help develop our own style and I think this may cross over to other pieces of work we produce. Being known as having a certain filmic style is great and new clients open up to new visual opportunities.

This style of film making has great impact, it would suit a wide variety of different products, trainers, bikes, headphones, audio, technology, we may incorporate this style into a future corporate video and see how it integrates.  Look out for more audio visual pieces from media73 in the future as we plan on doing them as a set in the same genre.

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